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1-2-1 Readings

As a practicing psychic, clairvoyant, and witch I offer readings and spells for those who need them. From 1-2-1 readings, and party bookings, to large corporate events, I am able to tailor my skills so that you receive the best possible guidance. The spells I offer via this site range from easy to use spell kits, through to bespoke spells that are designed specifically for the recipient.

On a larger scale, we are a family business, metaphysical suppliers, based in the Isle of Avalon, in rural Somerset. We seek out magical products for you; whether that is Fae, Wiccan, Druidic, Norse, Egyptian or many other pantheons’ or traditions. All of our crystal products are blessed with the holy, healing waters of the Chalice Well and are imbued and charged with the full moons energy.

One card Insight

This is the perfect reading if you are looking for some guidance or insight on a particular issue. It will help you understand the energy around you and what aspects and directions you should explore.

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Three Card Question

Three card readings are great if you’re new to psychic readings and just want to dip your toe in. I will use the cards to answer the question that you put to them, exploring how the past, present and future are linked and what the outcome of the situation will be.

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Three Card Soul Reading

This reading is perfect for those who are starting out on a spiritual path. It will give you guidance on how the past has brought you to the path that you are on, the direction that you need to focus on presently and the development opportunities of the future.

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Three Card Guidance

This three card reading expands on the guidance and insight of a one card reading. Utilising the past, present and future, this spread will give you a more in-depth view of the situation and issues at hand. This is perfect if you need answers regarding one area of your life.

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Five Card Guidance

A more in-depth reading, utilising the tools of the tarot to bring you a deeper understanding on the obstacles and challenges that will face you and the help that you have around you that will enable you to overcome them. This is a perfect reading when you need a greater understanding of one area of your life.

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Five Card Soul Reading

The Five card soul reading is perfect for those of you who are already on the path and who have lost their way or need a bit of a boost from the goddess! Within this reading, I will look to your higher self and the connections that have formed. Utilising the tools I have to give you a more in-depth reading, often taking into account imbalances in your life. Most people say this is the most inspirational reading that I offer as often it jump starts or reintroduces a higher self-connection.

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Five Card Relationship

The Five card relationship reading is for those of you who are having difficulties in your life. It’s not only for your personal relationship but could be a friend, family member or a colleague. This is the perfect reading to help you understand the difficulties and differences within the relationship and how to best overcome them and build a stronger you.

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Six Month Spread

Perfect spread for when you want an outlook view of the next six months. Giving a month by month breakdown on the issues and energies that will affect you and giving you guidance on how to harness and make any changes that you want to.

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Twelve Month Spread

The twelve month spread gives a longer more rounded view of your year to come. There will be a month by month breakdown of the next 12 months, along with the driving force behind you. This reading also delves into the positives and negatives that are affecting you at the moment and will stay with you over the next year. Perfect for those of you who want a concise view of your year to come.

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Full Reading

Within the full reading, I focus on the more prominent aspects of your life. Assessing your situation as a whole, looking at the past aspect, current aspect and what the future holds. I also look at the assistance you have with you, the energies that are negative and various other outside impacts. With this reading we also explore the hopes, wishes and fears you might have. This is the perfect reading when you want to have a balanced look at your life, as the questions that are answered are the ones that truly need to be answered. This reading can also be tailored if you want to ask a specific question, which will give you a more in-depth answer than the 5 card readings.

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Full Relationship


This is a specific spread that I have developed over many years. Looking at the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of consciousness and seeing the connections between them. This is perfect if you are looking for answers within a private relationship to how well you are matched and developing together. This reading will give you every answer you will need on the consciousness levels, helping you to connect with your higher self and that little voice inside.

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Kabbalah Spread

Within the Kabbalah spread, I utilise ancient techniques to bring you a concise and exploratory reading. For the Kabbalah spread, I do require your date, time and place of birth, although if you only have date and place I can scry for the time. A full reading, where every aspect of your life is explored and connections established.

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Bespoke Direction Spread

This is a specific spread that I have developed over many years. This spread is intended to give you guidance on your present and future by using your own choices to plot a way through the cards. After all, if we don’t have free will what do we have? Using this spread I will give you an insight into the different paths and complexities that you can expect to meet over the next year. Within this reading not only do you get your choices but also those that you didn’t chose, exploring the connections between the positive and negative energies. This reading is perfect if you are always saying “Now why on earth did I do that?”

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Aura Readings

Aura readings help to discover the imbalance of the body. By looking at the flow of your Xi and the energy that your chakras are emitting readings are done either via zoom or with a very recent full body photo.

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