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Welcome to Witchity Things

As a practicing psychic, clairvoyant, and witch I offer readings and spells for those who need them. From 1-2-1 readings, and party bookings, to large corporate events, I am able to tailor my skills so that you receive the best possible guidance. The spells I offer via this site range from easy to use spell kits, through to bespoke spells that are designed specifically for the recipient.

On a larger scale, we are a family business, metaphysical suppliers, based in the Isle of Avalon, in rural Somerset. We seek out magical products for you; whether that is Fae, Wiccan, Druidic, Norse, Egyptian or many other pantheons’ or traditions. All of our crystal products are blessed with the holy, healing waters of the Chalice Well and are imbued and charged with the full moons energy

What you can find on my site

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