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Spell Kits and Charms

Mini Spell Bags

Spell bags are the perfect way to dip your toe into magical work or make an excellent gift for someone you love. They are all individually handmade by myself and include every element that is needed to work a successful outcome. The beauty of these bags is that the majority of the spell has already been worked by me and you only need to follow the instructions inside to make it successful for you. They come in a variety of versions so take your pick and enhance your life! Please note that these spell bags have been provided over a number of years with amazing outcomes!

Available in: Money, Luck, Prosperity, Driving Test, Exams, Interviews, Fertility

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Similar to the spell bags the charms come in a variety of versions. The charm will come to you already imbued with the magic that is needed to aid the aspect of your life you have requested. There is nothing to do but to hold it and carry it with you. Charm comes in a handmade bag with instructions on how to use it. Go on treat yourself! Please note that these charms have been provided over a number of years with amazing outcomes!

Available in: Money, Luck, Prosperity, Driving Test, Exams, Interviews, Fertility


Full Spells

Breaking the Ties

Cutting Ties
This is the spell I am asked for most. If you have clicked on this spell then you know exactly what I am talking about, this is aimed to break the karmic connection / ties with somebody that is attached to you. When you want the quickness that soul retrieval doesn’t come with, this spell will enable you to cut, move forward and forge new ties. The majority of the spell is worked for you; all you will have to do is complete a simple ritual once you receive it.

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If your head feels woolly and you are looking for answers and reasons why this spell is perfect. The spell is worked so that it removes doubt around you and you start to see things clearly. Like all my full spells the majority of it is worked by me and you have a simple ritual to do once you receive it to connect the energy with you.

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Although there is a spell bag and charm for fertility, for those more adventurous I offer this full spell for you. This is a very powerful spell with deep, rooted energies used to create it. The spell comes to you with the majority already worked and only a simple ritual for you to do. If you are looking for a stronger and more involved spell please email me with details on your problem for a bespoke spell to be worked.

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Bespoke Spells

Strong, deep-rooted, high magic will be used for these spells. They are always bespoke and tailored for EVERY individual. Please note that these spells will not be taken out of any book and will be purely for your own use. No other person will be given the spell or told about it. Please email me with details of what you want/need and I will get back to you.

The price is a deposit only – it usually covers the total spell cost. If the deposit does not cover the full spell cost, you can make a decision to proceed or have your deposit refunded. As soon as any magical work has begun, you cannot get a refund.

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NOTE: I do not supply Hexes or spells that target another with huge negativity. Karma is always central to ALL spells and it will be yours not mine that will be impacted, so please leave others with free will and utilise this as part of a positive approach rather than negative. Remember where there’s a negative there’s always a positive.