Guidance and Regression

Past  Life Journey

Do you ever get that feeling of De-Ja-Vu? Maybe you feel a strong connection to someone you barely know? Have you got an unexplained talent or gift? Are you curious to know whether you have lived before? There are numerous reasons why people decide to experience a past life journey. This regression therapy can take you back through areas of your present life and also further back into your previous incarnations, if you believe in the concept of karma and reincarnation. There are many benefits associated with this, such as breaking old patterns of behaviour, releasing the negative feelings associated with past trauma’s or just going back to a past life to find out more and learn more about yourself and who you are now. This therapy has a minimum of Two sessions, the first session is conducted over an hour, with a full and in-depth understanding on where you are today, the reasons that you want to visit your past life, what you are hoping to have answered by the therapy and any questions you might have. This session lasts around an hour and ends with a guided meditation. The second session lasts between 1 – 2 hours where we will explore your past life, your current journey path and connect directly with your higher self.

Soul Connections Journey

This is very similar to the past life journey therapy so please read the description first. The reason behind past life therapy is to connect with your past life; this therapy is to connect with your higher self. It is intended for those on a spiritual path, whether novice or adept and will enable you to channel your own energies more efficiently. Where this therapy differs from past life is that it is intended as an on-going therapy that you can do yourself. During your second session, I will start to teach you the techniques that you will need to connect with your higher self. I advise 4 – 6 sessions before you go solo although many students stay with me and use the session as a development tool.

Nadis Channel Clearance

If you have been drawn to this and need some help and guidance then please call/email me. This therapy is listed for people who have nowhere else to turn, there might be events and situations that you have been experiencing that you have no definition for and don’t know why they are happening to you. I have put a label on it so that it can be found but really this clearance isn’t only for the Nadis but for other aspects such as spiritual attachment. Within the clearance, I will listen to your problem/issue and decide what the best course forward is. It is possible that I will enlist help to clear your life however I will always make sure that you feel comfortable with this first. Initially, I will give you help to ease the issues immediately BEFORE we look to seek a cure. This advice is always free although donations are gratefully received.

Spiritual Guidance & Advice

This is very similar to the Nadis channel therapy that I provide. Please feel free to contact me or phone for information and help.

House Clearing & Exorcism

Please email or phone, we can help!